Getting settled

Last weekend, I started bringing tubs and boxes into the studio.  With the help of my son and a friend of his, and my handy dandy trailer, it didn’t take long to get all of my studio-worldly possessions hauled up to the third floor.

Piles of stuff...what's in all those tubs?

Piles of stuff…what’s in all those tubs?

You can’t see the rest of it, it’s around the corner.  But there was a LOT of stuff to be hauled, unpacked and arranged.  I think I counted a dozen big Rubbermaid tubs, plus 6 or so big boxes of stuff.  That didn’t include the boxes I’d already unpacked on the shelf already!!

But first, I needed something other than folding table to work on.  My husband had gotten these great work benches for me a few years ago…he got them at an auction for a steal.  They were too big for my space at the house, so they’d been sitting in the garage (and his Man Cave) until I was ready to claim them.


Aren’t they great?!  He’s still going to shore up the light on the one on the right, and hook up the extension cord, but I’m really happy with them.  Dan and Jeremy hauled them up to the studio on Wednesday this week; all it cost me was to buy them dinner at Subway.

So I was itching to get in and start unpacking those tubs and boxes….spent Saturday opening boxes and discovering stuff I’d forgotten about.
(Including a sock with a shoe polish tin in it, a box full of old pictures of the kids, and an assortment of fishing hooks. o-O  )

The WiFi in the studio works great – I’d downloaded the IHeartRadio app earlier in the week so I could listen to some tunes while I worked.  I’ve got a lot of tunes on my iPad, but it was nice to have some variety.

Getting there!

Getting there!

Still some arranging to be done, and I’ll likely change things up a bit after I actually start working.  I’ll have my “hot” silversmithing work on the bench on the right (kiln, bench pin, pickle pot, torch, Foredom) and my “cold” work on the left hand bench (wire work, maille, tumbler, beading).

The desk area is set up…I have an offer for a bigger desk, but I’m not quite sure if it’s going to fit or not.

Still some stuff to unpack here as well, but it's getting there.

Still some stuff to unpack here as well, but it’s getting there.

And my studio mate’s mom made the observation that our studio number aligns with, well….



I think I know what we should serve up at our Open House in October.  😉

Until next time…..