IWCC Fall Classes

After surviving the Attack of the Killer Insects (ticks, mosquitoes, and wasps, OH MY!), I’m back on the job today.  One of the tasks on my to-do list is to figure out what to teach this fall at Iowa Western Community College – Denise has contacted me and would like some jewelry Continuing Education Classes this fall.

I’m thinking about a basic chain class, and maybe something else more complicated.  I know I have some former students on my Facebook page, so I’ll cross post there.  With the cost of silver these days, I’ll either be using copper or Artistic Wire, and I’d like your input on that as well.

Here are some initial thoughts:

Egyptian Coils Bracelet

Egyptian Coils Bracelet

Copper Washer Bracelet

Interrupted Euro 4:1
























If you are interested in classes, please let me know which of these projects (or something else!) you’d like to see on the roster!