Show Prep!

Doing my first major show next week, after taking a couple of years off from art shows.

I’d forgotten how much behind the scenes prep there is!  But it’s all stuff I have fun doing, and designing new displays is creative in and of itself.  I’m doing quite a bit of re-purposing….an old frame is going to be a brand new earring display for example!

A couple of weekends ago, I visited a local thrift store and picked up a few items that were pretty awful in their original state, but I’m hoping with some spray paint and love, they’ll become something awesome.

Thrift shop treasures

They’re pretty ugly right now….but wait!

On the left is a little wooden box, about 3″ square and 2 1/2″ tall.  It’s going to make a perfect business card holder when I’m done with it.  In the middle is a really horrible Halloween themed box – I cut off the wire handle and it’s going to hold extra earrings on cards.  And on the right is a wall hanging that is made from some tin dishes…I cut off the “celebrate” sign on the bottom and may use it like a hanging shadowbox for necklaces.  We’ll see…

A little black spray paint to all of them, and a little more work.  Hopefully I can put the finishing touches on them over the weekend!