Studio Saturday

I think I’m going to love my weekends.

This morning, I ran a couple of errands, then headed up to the Hot Shops to work for the day.  Quite a few visitors on the third floor, including one lady who purchased a lovely Lapis and sterling silver bracelet.  w00t w00t for sales!

Lapis and Sterling Silver bracelet

Lapis and Sterling Silver bracelet


I’d forgotten that I had a photo of the bracelet, it’s a stunner, Lapis is one of my favorite stones!

The morning and early afternoon was spent arranging, unpacking, and rearranging.  I was up on a ladder messing with track lights at one point…not recommended to do in flip flops.  Next time I have to climb a ladder, I really should wear some tennies!!

My studio mate, Darcy Horn (The Jade Dog) has fabulous displays, including some wall art that really pops her side of the studio.


Something I need to work on…I need more art on my side!!  I did add some lights and a grid by my tables, but I’m not 100% happy with this set up.  I’ll continue to play with it.


What I AM happy with is my work space.  I have a few aluminum Byzantine bracelets to finish up from orders earlier this year.  Here’s a peek at my “cold” work space today.  Tomorrow I’m planning on finishing up a pink bracelet, then moving over to the “hot” bench and making up a bunch of head pins for an idea I have brewing.

My "cold" bench.

My “cold” bench.


We’re working on some fun ideas for our front door and our Open House in October. 🙂  But for now, just glad to have all the moving pretty much done!

Studio 3 (dot) 14 :)

Studio 3 (dot) 14 🙂