Summer Colors – Get ’em while they’re HOT!!

It’s going to be hot, hot, hot here this weekend.  Aside from checking out a potential pet therapy location in Council Bluffs, dropping some custom orders in the mail, and visiting a cool movie theatre to see the final Harry Potter movie, I’m thinking lots of studio time is in order.


I’ve avoided using niobium rings for a few years – they are pretty hard on the hands, and I just didn’t like working with them.  A few weeks ago, however, I dug out an old stash and created a couple of pieces using the niobium and copper.

Fiona's Wrap

I loved the way this set turned out, and while the niobium WAS a little harder to work with than the copper, the pretty color was worth it.  So, in a moment of retail therapy weakness, I ordered rings in a dozen colors.  Not many of each, just .5 oz, but enough to see if I’d like working with niobium after all.


Yesterday, I sorted rings and played around with the niobium ones a bit.  After several starts and stops, I decided on a Japanese weave combined with a Byzantine Lace for the effect of flowers with leaves/vines.   I’m pretty pleased with the results, and even hubby commented that he liked it a lot.

Summer Violets


Because the center flower is heavier than the clasp, I added an amethyst and green Swarovski crystal dangle to the end link as a counter-weight.  If you’ve ever ordered one of my bracelets, I usually have some kind of counter-weight or tag on the end…it’s a nice extra touch, and adds a little personality to the piece.


The bracelet and coordinating earrings will be listed in my Etsy shop later today as a set…but if you’re in a hurry and want to just nab this OAK piece before it’s listed feel free to drop me a line. 😉  $95 will put it in the mail or deliver in the Omalot metro.